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Oh joy! Our bee book is doing so well! Click HERE to visit the book page and watch the video about the book. <– Be sure to see this, they did an amazing job getting the feeling of the farm and our different way of relating with bees. Our most recent review said this:  “Five stars. Changed my life. I’d give it a thousand stars if I could.”

Would you like to surround yourself with the sound of bees? Robin Wise has made 3 lush audio files you can use to deepen your relationship with the bees. The files are: The Song of Increase, (here) the bee’s joyous gathering sound before swarming; Comb Building, (here) recorded inside a new hive during early comb construction: Book Bee Meditation, (here) audio recorded specifically for the audio book’s bee healing section.

Jacqueline is teaching in Europe from late summer through fall. Click here for the schedule.

Here’s a swarm in Jacqueline’s front yard. Put this on full screen and see the bees up close. 

Nifty things to do on the Spirit Bee website:

Read about the book here. “Song of Increase: Listening to the wisdom of honeybees for kinder beekeeping and a better world.” 

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2. Kind Words:  Paul Wheaton, founder of Permies.com and well-traveled permaculture and agriculture teacher offered this comment that makes me blush: “For every class I have ever taken, every farm I have visited — and I have visited a lot — I have never experienced such respect for the animal in question. In this case, the hive. [What she does] goes beyond respect and into a realm of reverence.  There is much to learn about being stewards of the land and stewards of animals from this woman.  If you are a beginner, you should learn how to care for an animal to this depth FIRST and then start to explore how you can profit as a farmer, without changing the depth of respect.”   

3. My book! I write about what the bees have taught me about their role in the world. My intention is to teach people to connect deeply and intimately with bees and to care for them with love and respect. Order the book here.

SPirtbee taken the feedback project of kroger & started working on www.krogerfeedback.com from last 6 months & its working well now

4. Our STOREJQ smiley bees at Spirit Bee — register for bee classes, order our stunning bee greeting cards, audio-files of our bees singing the “Song of Increase.” Bee-loving friends make things we particularly love — See what our clever friends make here.

5. Take a class with Jacqueline or one of our dear bee friends. Click on the Spirit Bee CLASSES link on the top banner. Learn how to catch a wild swarm with Jacqueline, and how to get started with our style of gentle beekeeping with Susan.
6. Interviews: Publisher Tami Simon of Sounds True did a scintillating interview with Jacqueline. Jacqueline talks about Song of Increase on the Beyond 50 Radio Show. Click here to listen.

7. Watch videos of Jacqueline working with and talking about her bees. Oh yeah!

8. Cool news: The book just got translated into French. Ooh-la-lah! Available here!

Spritbee also written ebook on how one can Check Starbucks Gift card Balance online for free


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