2017 Bee Workshop Focuses On Life of Bees

The Whole and Holy Life of Bees

UPDATE:  Oh, dear. This workshop won’t be held this summer. Hope to do it later in the coming year. I’m leaving the description up so you’ll know what’s coming for 2017.  — Jacqueline


August Bee WorkshopOur two-day Bee Workshop has Jacqueline teaching about communicating and working with bees. This work establishes a fundamental change in our relationship with the bee kingdom and thus all of Nature. This experience of the sacred nature of bees carries us into a holy relationship with Gaia.

Why are we so fascinated with these little beings? For what reason are we called to know them in a deeper way? What secrets do they carry in their daily activities, relations with us and the earth? How do they wrap us into their environment? How does that affect us and our presence in the world? How do they work toward the mutual spiritual evolution of all beings?

Jacqueline shares how she communicates with bees and the way her book, “Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World,” came into being. We’ll work alongside the bees in ways that nurture their presence in the world and kindle goodness within our hearts, helping us understand how to provide them wonderful places in which to live and thrive.

Robin Wise shares her exquisitely gorgeous videos, photos and audios of bee songs that illuminate the beautiful wisdom of the bees. These expressions of insightful bee knowledge carry through the workshop to illuminate our personal experience and help us develop trust and connection that we can carry into our own future.

Our Whole & Holy Bee Workshop is not a “how to keep bees” workshop. Instead we work to understand their nature and work on the relational aspects of keeping bees. This calls our attention to subtleties that stretch us beyond our own boundaries and perceptions and bring joy to our connection with bees. You are invited to join us. Each person will receive a copy of the new revised book, pre-released for this conference. The purpose of the workshop is to interact with your bees (and all bees) from a place of receptivity, goodhearted intention, and informed right action.

Details: The class is two days long and will be held in 2017. For further info, contact <info@spiritbee.com>

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