Hot Bee Gloves: A Cautionary Tale

Recently I was on a swarm call and found the bees clustered in a small arbor vitae tree, within reach but hanging on the trunk rather than on a branch. This kind of tree is just a bristle bush of prickly needles, so I deHandsSwarmcided to wear my garden gloves. When I got the gloves out of the car, I realized I had two left handed gloves. I said to Joseph, “Do you have any gloves in the truck that you haven’t pumped gas in?” He finds and hands me one of his right-handed gloves and says, “These don’t smell like gas.”

So I put on my left glove and Joseph’s right glove, reach my hands up into the tree to lift off a handful clustered between my two hands. Immediately ten bees start stinging the right handed glove, but not one bee stings the left. I briskly walked backwards 20 feet as a small cloud of sting-y bees nails my right hand, but still not one bee on my shirt or left hand. Only four stings got through the cotton part of the glove, not so bad, and once I’m backed up far enough, I quickly take off his glove.

That’s when I asked Joseph again, “Are you sure you didn’t pump gas in this glove?” and he answers, “Yeah, I have, but I couldn’t smell any gas on it.” He couldn’t, but obviously the bees did.

I had heard somewhere that bees don’t like the smell of gas. Based on my brief science experiment comparing un-gassy glove to gassy glove, I now know that rumor to be fact.


Soaring To New Heights

My bee book, The Song of Increase, is jumping to its next evolution. In January I self-published the book on Amazon where it’s been doing surprisingly well.

In June I got an offer from a publishing company asking if they could buy world rights and distribute the book. Two other companies joined the bidding and my new agent carried it through SIX offers, each a good jump higher than the last. We chose the book company, Sounds True, to be our new publisher.

I’m thrilled this book will go further out into the world — in many languages! Hopefully, the book will influence people to take better care of bees and to be more respectful of our entire natural environment. The book is finding its niche among keepers of bees and people who deeply appreciate Nature. Tremendous thanks to all of you who bought the book and posted reviews on Amazon and Good Reads. I know that greatly influenced the publishers and helped them decide to promote these bee teachings.

Click here to purchase THE SONG OF INCREASE.

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