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  • 31st August to 2nd September 2018 in the Netherlands
  • https://www.learningfromthebees.org
  • This conference, the first of its kind, brings together natural beekeepers, scientists, nature conservationists, artists and bee-lovers from all over the world.  Together, we shift our gaze from contemporary apicultural practices towards a Culture of the Bee, exploring the messages pollinators are giving us about ourselves and our relationship with the land. We hope to weave strong international initiatives that return health and resilience to the honeybee worldwide. (Jacqueline teaches two sections and Susan will be joining the skep weavers.)

  • TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Bees, with Pierre Aucante, who wrote the foreword of Song of Increase, French edition.
  • Paris, France, September 4




  • Sept 7 – 8 – 9  in Glastonbury, England —  Jacqueline
  • How do we work towards mutual spiritual evolution of all beings? This is not a ‘how to keep bees’ workshop. Instead we work to understand their nature and work with the relational aspects of being around bees as they call our attention to subtleties that stretch us beyond our own boundaries and perceptions, bringing joy to our connection with them and with all of Nature.
  • The Whole and Holy Life of Bees Flyer



Susan Chernak McElroy

Jacqueline Swarm Class

Jacqueline Freeman








Click HERE to read about Susan’s BEGINNING BEEKEEPER class series. Classes will begin again in winter 2019.

CLICK HERE to read about swarms (from Jacqueline’s book “Song of Increase”).

If you are on our newsletter list you’ll get dates for the new classes as we offer them. The information we present is both practical knowledge about keeping bees and also about the deep role honeybees play in Nature. The purpose of the classes is to bring people into a more supportive and understanding relationship with the honeybees and support the wonderful work they do in the world.


Jacqueline moving a swarm in her bee yard

The framework of our classes is the 7-part series that we teach year-round to new and experienced beekeepers who want to learn to keep bees like we do — with the needs of the bees always put first and foremost. Natural, treatment-free, and always with love.

These methods embody respect, kindness and sacredness of Life. You’ll learn to use your senses (and common sense) to understand bees from season to season. These classes are good for beekeepers and bee-friendly gardeners who want to care for bees in an organic and biodynamic manner. Expect also to hear our embarrassing list of mistakes with the hope that you won’t have to repeat them. This is wonderfully helpful knowledge for people who want to know more ways to help bees thrive.

To read more about each individual class in the Beginning Beekeeper series, click HERE to visit Susan’s class page. To read about the importance of swarming and an excerpt from Jacqueline’s bee book, click HERE. These are such fun, with LOTS of information to help you understand bees.