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Song of Increase,”  has been flying off the shelves. I’m so glad many folks are seeking to know and understand bees more deeply so we can all interact with them with love and respect. If you’re on my bee newsletter list, you can hear about more bee classes and adventures.

Below you’ll find (1) Jacqueline’s audio links, (2) a bunch of really nifty videos, and at the very bottom, (3) Jacqueline’s personal appearances in the past year or so. Please scroll around for a look and listen. I especially point out the interviews by PAUL WHEATON (Permaculture), and the interview with TAMI SIMON (Sounds True).


* AUDIO LINKS — Jacqueline did a six hour interview (phew!) with Permaculturist Paul Wheaton from The interview is in four parts. Listen while you’re driving or cleaning your house. We cover just about every bee topic Paul could think of and I had something to say about them all.


I often attend (and sometimes speak at) these local bee meetings:

Preservation Beekeeping club. Usually on the first Saturday of the month. Held at different members’ bee yards.

Clark County Beekeepers meeting, Brush Prairie, WA. Join us on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm at the CASEE center.

Portland Urban Beekeepers meeting is first Wednesday in NE Portland. Click the link for more info. Lively group.

More niftyness — Videos by Paul Wheaton from about our Spirit Bee approach. I considered not putting this up here because it makes me blush, but I’m going to look away for a moment while Paul describes what I do here. “For every class I have ever taken, every farm I have visited — and I have visited a lot — I have never experienced such respect for the animal in question. In this case, the hive. {What she does) goes beyond respect and into a realm of reverence.  There is much to learn about being stewards of the land and stewards of animals from this woman.  If you are a beginner, you should learn how to care for an animal to this depth FIRST and then start to explore how you can profit as a farmer, without changing the depth of respect.”

Here are a few of his videos taken at our farm.

(1) BEE HOUSE protects bees — Paul says, “Jacqueline Freeman of Friendly Haven Rise Farm is my favorite beekeeper. Rather than raising thousands of colonies and focusing on honey production or crop pollination, she raises just a few and focuses on the happiness of the bees. I have visited beekeepers that show respect for the bees, but Jacqueline takes it much farther and shows reverence for the bees. In this video she shows us her bee shelter, or, as she calls it “the bee house”.   

(2) WATER for the Bees — Many beekeepers don’t realize how important it is for bees to have easy access to good water.

(3) RADICAL CHANGES IN BEE CARE ARE NEEDED — Paul made this video of me talking about 12 WAYS TO HELP BEES. Have a look and feel free to share it. The part toward the end where he talks with migratory beekeepers shows they’re caught between a rock and a hard place with their management style. Radical changes in beekeeping are warranted. Hope you enjoy these bee-friendly tips.

Dominican Republic Beekeeping Jacqueline traveled to Dominican Republic. The US Embassy and USDA hired Jacqueline to teach rural beekeepers how to go organic and biodynamic. Photos and videos of jungle beekeeping and the centuries old methods they still use. Michael Thiele ( came, too.


  • Jacqueline’s EVENTS 2016

September — The publisher’s version of SONG OF INCREASE released with a lot of fanfare, including being mentioned in PUBLISHER’s WEEKLY with “Book Video of the Week.”

(Only got time to hear one? Do this one.) November — Interview with Tami Simon, SOUNDS TRUE. “Many Spiritual Paths, One Journey.” This is a deep and insightful interview.

September — The Bee Gathering in Asheville, NC, workshop

September — “In the Spirit” radio interview with Gary Goldberg

September — “Essential Conversations” skype interview with Rabbi Rami. Later published in “Spirituality & Health.” Oh did we have fun!

October — Pacific Northwest Booksellers Convention, Tacoma, WA

November — Bee talk, Kinsmen Nature Pavillion, in Richmond (near Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada

Jacqueline was interviewed by DEBRA ROBERTS, “a woman kept by bees” as she self-describes. Her new work is “The Sacred Path of Bee.” Debra interviews eight people from around the world who have deep relationships with bees. Visit her site to see and hear it.

* Jacqueline’s EVENTS  2015

KBOO radio interview, the day the self-published version of the book came out. Listen starting at 6:10, interview goes to 25:15.

Jacqueline spoke about bees at the Washington Tilth Conference  and read some farm poetry at the open mike.

Women’s Permaculture Conference — Great attendance! I’m so glad to see that people are interested in finding ways to care for bees with respect and kindness.

Jacqueline has spoken three times at the annual Organic Beekeepers Conference in Oracle, AZ. Her most recent talk and demonstration was about swarms — how swarming enlivens the colony, how to work with swarms and why the swarm is so important to the bee kingdom.

November – Herbal Healing Conference, “Bee Medicine,” Portland, OR

October – Home Orchard Society, “Pollinators & Orchards,” Clackamas, OR

October – Clark County Beekeepers Club, “Treatment-Free approach reduces varroa mites,” Brush Prairie, WA

August — Sacred Beekeeping Conference here at our farm. Speakers include Michael Thiele, Corwin Bell, Debra Roberts, Robin Wise, Laura Bee, Benjamin Pixie, and Susan Chernak McElroy.

June – Paul Wheaton’s Permaculture Design Course in Montana, teacher

June — Natural College of Natural Medicine, speaker

March — Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, workshop

February — Talk and book signing at Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA. Read the article in the Columbian Newspaper.

February-March — The Organic Beekeepers Conference in Oracle, NM.

March  — — a week on the bee board as guest bee gal

March — Portland Urban Beekeepers meeting speaker

March  — Gardening for Bee Health, class at the farm. Free if you stick around and help me plant after class.

March — Gently collecting swarms, establishing bait hives and working with feral bees. All day class at the farm.

March — Beekeeping for Beginners with Kerry Jehanne from upstate NY.

April — Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers Talk on swarms

January — Portland Urban Beekeepers — Winter hive protection