The Song of Increase — Our Bee Book Is Here

The Song of Increase: Returning to our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees

The Song of IncreaseThe Song of Increase. My life is all about bees. I teach monthly classes, show people how to gather and re-home swarms, rescue downed tree hives, help friends get started with bees, and I speak around the country at bee, nature, and agricultural conferences. My bee work has even taken me to Dominican Republic where I worked with rural beekeepers. I am immersed in the world of bees.

I speak bee. I write about my conversations with bees and the experience of building a deep relationship and learning from each other. My dear friend, Susan Chernak McElroy (New York Times bestselling author of “Animals as Teachers & Healers”),  helped me turn all that writing into The Song of Increase  — a book ready to find you and sit on your lap for a good read. The 300 page book is not a “take all you can from a hive” beekeeping book. It’s about how to interact with bees in a respectful manner, how to understand subtle bee behavior and bee culture, and how best to support the colonies entrusted to your care so they thrive in their bee-ness. You will become a better keeper of bees through reading it. I like to think this behavior also makes us better human beings, too. How wonderful that is!

Here are all the ways to get the book.

AMAZON AUTHOR DIRECT PAGE —  This site shares more royalty with authors because we bring you there and Amazon doesn’t do our marketing. Thanks to everyone who uses this site to order. ($18.95 softcover, $25.95 hardbound)

Buy it on AMAZON — if you’re enrolled in Amazon Prime, you also get free 2-day shipping. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you’ll see a whole bunch of GREAT REVIEWS. Please leave one after you’ve read the book. Amazon sometimes has spontaneous sales so their price may vary.

Pick up your KINDLE e-book here. ($9.99). Buy the book from Amazon and add the kindle version for $2.99 more. If you bought the book on Amazon earlier, the offer still stands for getting a kindle later.

Barnes & Noble has the hardcover book  ($25.95) and the Nook e-book ($8.49). –> This kindle and nook e-book  contain Robin Wise’s EXTRAORDINARY BEE PHOTOS. Oh, they are fine! Note: The softcover price wanders around a bit between $16.50 – $18.95.

Signed books  I have nice penmanship. EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS and the name you’d like on your book. I’ll paypal you a request for $21 (includes shipping in the U.S.).

Signed books for locals  — Live in southwest Washington/Portland?. SEND ME  AN EMAIL and meet up with me!

UPDATE: The book was originally self-published and, to my great surprise, it took off on three of Amazon’s Top 100 lists. These lists change daily and when I checked today, it’s #12. Earlier this week it was #3! This caught the interest of three publishers who bid against each other for world rights. I chose the publishing company Sounds True who will bring it out Sept 2016 with more fanfare than I could ever muster on my own.

Robin and I will recording the AUDIO BOOK to release in late summer.

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