Maidens & Mating

Here’s a chapter from an early version of my book. This is information gleaned from direct conversations with the bees. We have many chapters! Here’s the one about the beginning of the Queen’s time. Hope you enjoy it. To see more about the book, click on the HOME PAGE.

— written and copyrighted by Jacqueline Freeman (May 2013)


When the virgin queen emerges from her cell, she moves first downward to the earth. Unmated and newly born, she is near invisible to the hive, her role yet empty. She moves within the hive with curiosity but not yet commitment. As maidens, multiple queens may pass through the hive corridors, but until mated none will ascend as Queen. Unmated virgin queens are singularities within the hive, not yet manifest, nebulae in the hive’s periphery. The untouched and virginal queen is a promise as yet unsealed.

The young queen emerges from her cell in the darkness of the nursery. She crawls along the walls exploring the comb, touching and moving among other bees as they work their tasks. Feeder bees, always ready to share with any bee who asks, give her nourishment as she wanders the halls. After a few days she is strong enough for her marital flight so she finds her way down to the hive entrance, to the light. At last she stands on the front doorstep, basking in the warmth of the Sun.

The virgin queen’s flight is a marriage flight, the only time she mates with the drones. At the entrance of the hive she pauses, searching the sky for the drones who wait for her in nearby drone congregation areas.

Drones from as far as two or three miles away gather in common areas a hundred feet or more from the ground, all waiting for the virgin queens. Each congregation area is fully populated each day with drones from many hives. The eager drones arrive midday, about an hour before the virgin queens first appear. The drones fly in long loopy circles, their enormous eyes wide to the skies, watching for a virgin queen’s arrival.

The virgin queen’s marital flight is a quest for the Sun so she waits until it is high in the sky before flying off to find the drones. Though we may think the purpose of the young queen’s marital flight is only to mate, the new queen flies with a more developed intention. Her maiden flight has deeper purposes that raise her into the sky.

She was born with a fundamental imperative to deliver her hive’s message to the Sun. This message describes the situation into which she has incarnated and the conditions about her as she rises to the mating. In delivering this message, she unlocks and begins her metier as Mother of the Hive. She shares this communication about her and her hive’s physical and spiritual geneology as she opens herself to the Sun.

And more. This next message is to the heavens.

Each virgin queen carries a distinct sound in her, an audible vibration of joyous expectation. When the queen pierces the earth cover during her mating flight, she shoots a bolt of knowledge — all that hive is aware of — in a message from earth, launching it outward to the planets, conveying the progress being made on earth. 

*  *  *  *  *

Now let’s return to the drones as they patiently await the young queen.

The earth has a light of its own deep within it. Across the land there are energetic openings in the earth’s surface called LUMENS where the earth’s light and sunlight joyously communicate with each other. Earth’s light interacts with the sun, singing earth’s planetary signature and contributing to the blended symphonic sound of all the planets’ chords.

Inside the sparkling cone-shaped lumen the earth focuses on the sun’s light in acknowledgment of the earth and sun’s gravitational relationship. The natural mating flights of honeybees take place in the lumen, in portals visible to drones and queens.

These light emitting areas where the sun speaks with the earth are gravitationally uplifting places of great levity and the drones know this. The drones’ wondrous eyes are capable of seeing the lumen glow, another function of how their eyes differ from the worker bees. Within the lumen the gnostic drones spin and whirl, taking great delight in the lightness of the air that buoys their heavy bodies up.

Drones are drawn to a specific place within the lumen often a few hundred feet up where a higher focus of intention occurs. Humans named these locations drone congregation areas but to bees, the drone site is called a SCARP and known to all the colonies in each area. Drones from all the nearby hives spend much of their afternoons drifting in the scarps. The scarps bring together drones from different hives, thus offering mating queens an expansive range of genetic diversity.

Once the sun moves to midday, the drones emerge and hasten to the scarp. The drones fly an embosoming blanket, drawing circles and lemniscates over and over, laying the sheet of the virgin bower. They weave a bed of prayers, a holy sanctuary of tremendous knowledge and healing. 

When the maiden queen emerges from the hive, she surveys the landscape looking for the lumen. When she sights it, she spreads her wings and flies directly to it, entering the lumen low in the light cone. Once in the lumen, the lumen’s glow turns everything on in her, illuminates her, changes her color even. The light opens and turns on her knowledge of her role.

In her hive birth, the queen was born into her body. The lumen birth bears her now into her life purpose. Upon entering the light the queen is quickened. Blessed by the light as in a christening, she is made holy.

At the base of the lumen she aligns herself over the opening and focuses her intent on the upward vertical ascent. The beacon of light that emanates outward from these earth energy points is charged by her stimulatory energy as she flies up and into the lumen.

Later, when the drones sing this moment to the babies, the bees hear this part of their history in the birth song. When the drones sing the birth song, they sing about the lumen, how the queen is blessed and made holy as she ascends in the lumen’s earth-light and the knowledge of her purpose comes into her.

The lumen causes her pheromone to bloom, expanding the scent of her holy purpose. Beginning below the blanket of drones, she rises at great speed till she pierces their circling field. She flies straight up toward the sun through massed layers of drones, spreading her scent. When the scent enters a drone, he becomes singularly focused on catching and mating with the young queen.

She flies upward toward the sun as the knowledge unseals and opens in her. Information pours in. She glows and becomes stronger. The drones, with their wonderful eyes, see the light filling her. The drones see things worker bees are not privy to and this is one, witnessing the light filling the young queen.

As the queen ascends in her rising mission, she exudes her extraordinary fertile scent, calling the drones to her pursuit. The drones are drawn to her light and give chase.

As the drone launches himself upward, the gravitational force pushes on his abdomen, forcing his phallus, till now unbidden, down and out from the base of his abdomen. Ready for mating, the fastest drone reaches the queen, joins her, delivers his seed in the tumult of creation and falls backwards to earth, dying before he reaches the ground. The next drone reaches her, removes the first drone’s remaining part and joins her, each drone successively entering her and delivering his seed.

This union of each is a spark, a cumulative bright light that bursts into the atmosphere. Each consecutive union renews the message to the spiritual realm. The sky glows in the lumen, the holy point where heaven and earth merge in creation.

The queen’s flight and the drones’ mating build the strength of this outward beam. The queen exerts her energy out toward the Sun and if she continued onward, would exhaust herself in flight. The drone reaches and embraces her. He fills her with his seed. She flies on toward the Sun, becoming more whole, more holy, until at last the weight of her knowledge and the compass of her seed turns her earthward, toward her hive and her new life as Queen.

The scent of the mated Queen tells the hive she has, at last, arrived. Upon entering the hive she removes the last drone’s appendage, sets herself in order and dispatches any remaining unhatched maiden queens. If necessary, she challenges and defeats any other queens. Once the details of her preparations are handled, she is ready for the hive to acknowledge her ascension, which they do. The hive immediately and totally aligns itself to her role and her purposeful presence. Within a  few days she begins laying 1500 eggs a day and will continue creating new life for up to seven years. A calm enters the colony and peacefulness fills the land.

*  *  *  *  *


These mating sites, the scarps, are earth acupuncture points, each a fountain of renewal for the earth, sending knowledge out to the heavens and coursing an acknowledging energy deep into the earth. This piercing energy is a union of heaven and earth.  It is very important that these earth acupuncture points be stimulated by the natural union of the bees each year at their right time.

The lumens are tremendously holy and often near shrines as they are themselves holy entry points. People who move through these places feel uplifted in spirit and grounded in purpose.

— Jacqueline Freeman, copyright June 2012

*  *   *   *   *