Guest Vendors


The Hive Gifts page at lists items made by Jacqueline & Robin. These hive gifts are co-created with the bees and carry the vibrations of the knowledge the bees share with us. We intentionally use the phrase “hive gifts” in place of “hive products.”

We also support selected vendors who sell hive gifts and encourage you to support them, too. Their approach to caring for bees is bee-centric and treatment-free. They tend their bees without using chemicals, are respectful of bees natural way of existing and they interact with bees with respect and the knowledge that bees are a gift to the world.



   DVD Top Bar Beekeeping – Corwin Bell –   <– Click Here

Corwin’s got a great approach to keeping bees, always respectful and always kind. We encourage this style of beekeeping and hope you buy his DVD. It’s hands-down the BEST video on keeping bees we’ve ever seen. Here’s a sample.



   Pure beeswax candles – Sale Creek Honey   <– Click Here

We treat our bees with respect, and let them express their true, natural essence. Commercial and hobby beekeepers often use ‘management systems’ that include chemical miticides, antibiotics, and the feeding of sugar or corn syrup to bees (an abomination for bees!). Chemicals end up in the bees’ food and beeswax, which is a sponge for toxins. While these methods may seem perfectly logical, they are terrible and unnatural ways to treat the bees. These methods weaken colonies, They are at cross purposes to the true health of the hive and are reflected in strong or weak vigor of the colony as well as the vitality of the honey, pollen, propolis and beeswax.  We feel our approach gives our bees and us the best possible honey, propolis and beeswax. We hope you enjoy my wife, Lou’s, candles.

Eddie McKenzie, Sale Creek Honey, Tennessee



   Hive products for health – MickelBerry Gardens    <– Click Here

Handmade medicinal and beauty products from the bees.




   Beehives and Beehive Kits  Beeologique   <– Click Here

Beeologique is an initiative begun in 2008 by Bill Wood and Marie-Christine Lhomond, dedicated to caring for honeybees using organic management, Demeter biodynamic standards and natural, sustainable, bee-friendly beekeeping.

Since 2008 Beeologique has been building beehives and beehive kits for beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest. Warré beehives are meant for hands-off, minimalist and sustainable beekeeping practices. Hives have port hole windows and walls are of a full one inch thickness. Beeologique® hives were selected for Gunther Hauk’s Spikenard Bio-dynamic Honey Bee Sanctuary in Virginia.