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Song of Increase book 

My life is all about bees. I show people how to gather and re-home swarms, rescue downed tree hives, help friends get started with bees, and I speak around the country at bee, nature, agricultural conferences, and book stores. My bee work has even taken me to Dominican Republic where I worked with rural beekeepers. I am immersed in the bee world.

I speak bee. In my book, I write about my conversations with bees and the experience of building a deep relationship and learning from each other. The Song of Increase book is not a “take all you can from a hive” beekeeping book. It’s about how to interact with bees (and all of Nature) in a respectful manner, how to understand subtle bee behavior and bee culture, and how best to support the colonies entrusted to your care so they thrive in their bee-ness. You will become a better keeper of bees through reading it. I like to think this behavior also makes us better human beings, too, more caring stewards of the world. How wonderful that is!

Here’s what one reader had to say:

“The Song of Increase” has been a “Bee Bible” for our family (and others) which I’ve enjoyed in small and large doses on a daily basis. It speaks a truth and wisdom about bees that is rarely heard. In doing so, it is deeply nourishing and affirming to the wonder of these beings. Sometimes at the start of our bee meetings, we read a passage from your book. This provides a wonderful foundation for a workshop I did earlier this year in Sweden. It opened us all to how amazing bees are, and how important it is to connect with our hearts and be grateful for all they bring for the earth. Thank you.
–Julie Armstrong

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The new edition contains all the text
of the previous edition, plus a few
new stories. The cover is gorgeous
with 3-D raised gold embossing.


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We’re working on a Dutch version next! If you want this book translated into your language and know either a publisher or a translater, do be in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!