Spirit Bee April Events: Stories, Poems & Swarms

Spirit Bee April Events kick off Spring 2016 at Friendly Haven Rise Farm. We’re all abuzz with the change of season and these events just around the corner.


Spirit Bee April Events

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An Afternoon of Bee Stories and Farm Poetry

April 17 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Spirit Bee April EventsJoin writers Jacqueline and Susan for a delightful afternoon at Friendly Haven Rise Farm, Battleground, Washington.

Jacqueline speaks with passion about the deep love that permeates her life at the farm, where she raises bees, animals, gardens, and forest and field. Jacqueline is the author of “The Song of Increase: Returning to our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees.”

Susan writes engaging short stories about her experiences with all manner of wild and domesticated animals. She wrote the New York Times Bestseller, “Animals as Teachers and Healers,” and five more books about being in good relationships with nature.

Attendees who have written a story or poem on the topic will get five minutes to share.

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 Swarms with Jacqueline Freeman: Bringing Home the Bees

April 24 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Taught by Jacqueline Freeman at Friendly Haven Rise Farm, Battleground, Washington.

HandsSwarmThis class is an absolute must-attend for true lovers of bees! Spend a fascinating day learning about the magic of the swarm, and how to catch a swarm easily and safely. We’ll put together a swarm kit, show you how to work with swarms in all kinds of situations, and you’ll learn about using bait hives, too. Join local swarm lists and bring home your own good strong local bees.

This class will teach you new things about bee swarming behavior, and you’ll learn practices that go beyond so-called “conventional” beekeeping.

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